Donut 10, 2012: Race Report

I think that the spirit of the Donut 10 was best encapsulated by a conversation I had after the race with Bill. On a visit here from Scotland, Bill decided to enter our race as there was a fortunate synchronicity in timings and he had run in many places around the world but this was his first time in the Emirates. So he decided to grab the opportunity. I was pleased to hear that Bill felt the atmosphere was what he remembered races were like a few years ago, smaller, friendly and focused on the kinship that exists in the running community.

Bills words were perhaps apt as the early indications were tending to make me feel that this was going to be a day when things would sail a little close to the wind a require some patience and a degree of acceptance that plans may have to be adjusted. Unfortunately there was a miscommunication and the security guard had not received the message that nearly 300 runners would be descending on the Mushrif Park a couple of hours before the normal opening time and he felt, I guess understandably, uneasy about letting us in. Despite the setback our permission, which had already been agreed in advance, was given and the line of cars finally moved into the park.

This delay did cause a little strain on the number allocation but I was totally impressed by the patience shown by the runners who just took this in their stride as they waited for their numbers. The process would have been much more difficult if the runners had not queued in such an orderly fashion and retained their sense of humor.

Despite everything, a small delay was inevitable and it was agreed that the start would commence 15 minutes later than planned, which was a relief to me as I had not had the chance to warm up. In any case the warm up amounted to a gentle jog to the start line around five minutes from the parking area. The sun was now up as I reached the start and I reflected on the reasons why I run in Mushrif and the surrounding areas. The scenery is, by Dubai standards, pleasant, the air is clear and there is certain tranquility about the locality. But despite the sun forcing its way through the morning haze there was still a chill in the air to greet the starters.

Milers race photo completed we just waited a few moments for the off as one straggler made her way to the line. Elaine Forsythe put on her teachers hat and got us all in place and with the OK from Premier Marathon’s Nathan we were on our way with the shrill blast of a teachers whistle.

The race produced a feast of records. We knew we had one from the off as the total registered runners of 282 surpassed our previous best. We also topped our number of finishers from 2011, with a total number negotiating the course of 208.
We gave out a record 4 gold medals compared to 3 last year. 59 runners managed to win silver medals, 11 more than last year. However, I may need to have a word with a couple of Road Runners to see what color they were given as I see that the timing showed them finishing in 1:15:00. Silver is awarded for sub 1:15:00 so it would be interesting to see if they managed to obtain a silver! With 208 finishers the medal count was completed with 145 bronze medals awarded.

Perhaps the most stunning record of the day must go to Ismail who smashed the course record in a time of 52:46 and then went on to win the Nike run later in the day. I do hope he was not taking it easy around our run to save his energy for later!

One other record, unfortunately not corroborated, was the report that reached me of a certain individual who managed to put away seven donuts! I am not going to reveal the name but let me just say, categorically, that it was not our Chairman. He is of course running with a mission now having entered Comrades 2013.

As for Miler performances it was a bit of a mixed bag with Chris McCann perhaps feeling the effects of three recent marathons and Dorian Hubert not quite having returned from injury. It was 2011 all over again for me and Neil Smith as we repeated our race from last year with Neil again the stronger in the last km. Rob Thornton is starting to be a serious contender for podium places as he finished his race strongly. Adnan Shroufi and Ross Miotti both came in with silver medals and with a few more long runs will certainly show an improvement on time. Martin Scadden got brought up the rear for the Milers but the road is ahead of him, not behind, in the training ahead for Comrades. There were 23 Milers who completed the course, well done to you all.

Thanks should go to the Committee for coordinating the race: Chris McCann (Race Director and responsible for keeping us “on message”), Martin Scadden (Chairman and all around enforcer), Malcolm Gatenby (truly the “Del-Boy” of Dubai and definitely the man for all things procurement and when we needed some top-level haggling for something) and me (Happy that someone else was doing the timing this year and acting as general dogs body and responsible for those confusing mile markers).

It’s also appropriate to mention the sponsor, Jason at African + Eastern & The Warehouse, without their support putting on the race would be a real struggle. And to Dunkin Donuts for providing the signature treats at the end of the race.

Please remember to post feedback on the site. As a Committee we are keen to hear your views, which have so far been positive. We have a good rating for the race so far, currently 86%. We know that we can always do better but I think we do well considering the constraints and the problems of trying to balance the costs with giving something that runners want.

As a footnote to the timing and results there were a few Milers who had not registered as a Miler. An extra-ordinary meeting of the Race Committee, Milers Committee and the Club Championship Committees had to be conveyed to discuss if points should be awarded to those that had not registered. It was agreed, after negotiations that went on through the night that we would award points for this race as there were bonus points riding on it. But please try to visit the Premier Marathon site and update your profile if you intend to run as a Miler or make sure that when you enter a race you are tagged as a Miler. It also helps as I trawl through the results if you are tagged as a Miler as it makes you easier find and reduces the chance of you being missed off the results. It would also help us get up the rankings in the team event! Race points will be allocated and an update available shortly on the website. The race times and team results are shown below and can be found in full at

Report compiled by Graham Spriggs, Mirdif Milers

Open Team Results

1st – Dubai Creek Striders Team 1: Ismail Ssenyange, Jeremy Curran, Johan Anderson, Phil Clarke, Ann-Mari Hyrylainen

2nd – Dubai Creek Striders Team 2: Terry Hislop, Janne Hyrylainen, Jenny Grainger , Jerry Anglim, Nick Gould

3rd – Abras AC: Getinet Chala, Tony Clarkson, John Carney, Amila Lakshan Silva, Debbie Powell

4th – Mirdif Milers: Chris McCann, Dorian Hubert, Neil Smith, Graham Spriggs, Elaine Maguire
Vets Team Over 45 Results

1st – Dubai Creek Striders: Terry Hislop, Nick Gould, Mac McNaghten, Kerry Ross, Marek Szymanek

2nd – Dubai Road Runners: David Morrison, Graham Rafferty, Glyn Kilsby, Rob MLaughlin, Kate Hill

3rd – Mirdif Milers: Neil Smith, Graham Spriggs, Steve Norton, Nico Kruger, Anne Danson-Scadden

Mirdif Milers Results

Category Position Name Finish Time
8 Chris McCann 01:00:23
12 Dorian Hubert 01:02:54
5 Neil Smith 01:07:34
11 Rob Thornton 01:03:11
6 Graham Spriggs 01:07:50
26 Adnan Shroufi 01:08:58
30 Duncan Ross 01:09:40
38 Ross Miotti 01:12:01
42 Fraser Angus 01:12:48
44 Gary Wells 01:13:53
52 James Varley 01:14:50
13 Stephen Norton 01:15:41
73 Devrim Anadol 01:18:57
77 Mike Jackson 01:20:01
18 Elaine Maguire 01:20:12
20 Heidi Smith 01:21:44
85 Peter Page 01:23:54
28 Alison Stott 01:28:15
28 Nico Kruger 01:29:07
100 Hedley Calvert 01:29:07
105 Galen Moore 01:30:07
7 Anne Danson-Scadden 01:32:50
32 Martin Scadden 01:33:32