Easter 2014 international races

5 Milers took part in international races during over the last 10 days over Easter

Malcolm Gatenby has competed his 17th Marathon and his 1st one of the big 5, the London Marathon on April 13th. In 3hrs 30 mins he said after the race “The London marathon has been the best race I have taken part in so far in terms of atmosphere. The crowds, noise and views around London amazing the amount of runners all around you chatting away just brilliant, chatted to Michael Owen at 6 miles and was even spotted on the BBC. Thanks to the Milers who trained the long runs with me”


Elaine Forsythe who completed her 1st Ultra Marathon the 2 Oceans 56k race in Cape Town on April 19th in 6hrs 37 mins and said after the race “What an amazing experience. The crowds, bands, noise and those long hills are something I won’t forget in a hurry!! The beautiful scenery definitely helped to take my mind of the distance. 2 oceans, I’ll be back!! Thanks to Milers for all the messages of support”


Devrim Anadol who completed in the Iznik Ultra 80k trail run in Turkey o 20th April in 11hrs 57 min said after the race  It was a great experience for me and enjoyed every minute of it. Some of the elevation gains were indeed climbing not running. Total time 11:57. Cut off was 13hrs. Soup on the 41k was the most tasty soup in my life. Lost on 65k, missed a turn and ran back. Hats off to all who came to the start line. Special thanks to Mushrif and Khawaneej B2Bs, thanks Milers.”


Ex club chairman Dave Jackson 4 hrs 01 min & long time Monday night runner Graham Rafferty 3Hrs 33 min ran the Boston Marathon USA on April 19th Dave said” made it. Not my fastest by any stretch but given injuries and only running around a heli pad I will take 4:01”

Graham said” there is a saying in Boston that if you don’t manage the 1st half in good shape you wont finish the hills of the 2nd half. Its True. I went off too fast 1st 10k.my quads were aching and I paid the price at the end”