Our Weekly Run’s

We welcome runners whatever your ability, age or race distance. We are based in and around Mirdif and all our weekly runs are around this part of town


We have three sessions during the week and I am sure something that fits with what you want. More details and maps are available on our website.


Monday: At Mushrif Park, Nr Mirdif. This is our main run. We normally get around 25 runners. We do a lap of 4.5km, break for drinks, then another lap if you are up to it. Start and finish point is the same so you can ditch the second lap if required, so 9km total. We have a duty runner whose job it is to look after any newer runners. They sweep up the back and will encourage you in. Running speeds are between 4 mins/km to 6.30 mins/km. I am sure you will find someone to run at your pace. 7pm start (meet at 6:50 outside the main gate that you pay to get in, park on the side of the road). 5AED contribution for water/sports drink. (more advanced runners meet at 6:30 and do an extra lap total 13.5K).


Wednesday: We hold an interval session at Mizhar Park. Sessions vary. These are advised on our mailing list each week. (If you want to be on the mailing list please let me know). We usually suggest that runners pace the intervals at 10km race pace so everyone finds their own speed. 7pm start. Bring your own water


Saturday: Our long run from the Vets at Khawaneej. 0530 (that’s the morning!) start. Distances range from 16km to 35km depending on what runners want. The layout allows us to group runners and do long/short cuts. You will be looked after and nursed around if needed. Bring your own water to run with or cash for the shops. Paces vary but usually between 5:15 mins/km to 5:45 kms/min.


We do not charge membership fees, just Dhs 5 on a Monday night to pay towards the drinks,(and Dhs3 to get into the park) we do encourage runners to purchase our club running vest Dhs 100 to wear with pride when entering races.


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